Lighting Consultant Services

I tailor my consulting services to each job, from a simple critique of plans to a full lighting design, complete with fixture specifications. Allow me to put several years of experience to work creating the perfect design for your home, office, or other room.

An investment in a professional lighting designer today can pay for itself many times over, in the elimination of costly mistakes!

In many cases you will see the lighting effects transform your space via the use of mock ups. This will give you the added assurance that you are purchasing the correct product for the job.
  • My services and design technique have a simple approach to them.
  • I tailor each project to your individual needs and will personally create my own designs and drawings for you based on those needs and desires.
  • I will ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible and acting as liaison between your Contractors, Architect and other professionals when needed.
  • You will have direct contact with me via my cell phone, for questions and issues that arise.
  • I work and talk in non-technical terms. You donít need a Lighting or Electrical background to understand me, and my plans are done the same way. They are understandable to all.
  • My fee structure is simple with many jobs being quoted a set amount in advance.
Call and tell me your needs and I will explain how I can help you!

Remember, big problems for you may have a quick, easy, and cost effective approach by me.

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